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Your legal health and safety register won't be legal unless it includes these 18 things

by , 27 October 2014
When it comes to complying with the OHS Act, there are a lot of things you need to do. To ensure you get everything done, you need to be organised.

That's where legal health and safety registers come in.

These registers help you comply by giving you a list of everything you need to do in terms of the laws that govern your company.

But if your register doesn't include these 18 things, it might be useless...


To ensure your legal health and safety registers is effective ensure it contains these 18 things

Checklist: Contents of your legal register
1. Full versions and actual text of identified SHE legislation;
2. Applicable sections of the above converted into user friendly language;
3. Applicable Occupational Health and Safety Legislation;
4. Applicable Primary Health Care Legislation;
5. Applicable Environmental Legislation;
6. Applicable Labour Legislation (Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA), Labour Relations Act (LRA));
7. Applicable General Legislation (i.e. Constitution, Tobacco Controls Act);
8. Applicable regulations, standards and codes;
9. All your selected legislation must include:
Legal references;
A summarised user-friendly version and description of what's required to comply with the specific legal requirements, in easy to understand terms ;
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10. An adjustable field for the legal register user to link your own comments to a legal requirement. This can include:
References to control systems and procedures that ensure compliance;
Notes on non-compliance, remedial actions and target dates;
Applicable documentation for cross referencing;
A summary of activities necessary to meet the 'intent' of the regulatory requirements;
Relevant deadlines to meet compliance;
Details on how you've delegated responsibilities to personnel;
An adjustable field for whoever uses the legal register to link internal responsible persons to a legal requirement. 
11. Who you identified as the person/department/group of people responsible for compliance with the specific requirement;
12. An adjustable field for whoever uses the legal register to link a risk rating. Your user can include the risk association with his specific legal requirements. This is a red flag option;
13. A link to applicable penalties;
14. A link to a relevant management system element / reference area;
15. A link to applicable ISO 14000 references;
16. A link to applicable OHSAS 18000 references;
17. Full versions of the legal register format in PDF format; and
18. Applicable documents, self assessment checklists and registers from the OHSA.
Ensure your legal register contains the right information so you can use it to comply with OHS regulations.
For more on how to create a legal register, check out the Health and Safety Advisor

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Your legal health and safety register won't be legal unless it includes these 18 things
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