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You've finished your accident investigation... Now what?

by , 12 August 2014
What's the point of an accident investigation? To discover the cause of the accident and then to deal with it, right?

But once you've finished the actually investigation, how do figure out the cause from all your findings?

Well it all comes down to the process you go through with your investigation team.

And that's why you need to know what you must do once you've finished your accident investigations...


Here's what to do once you finished your accident investigation

Once you finished collecting physical evidence and speaking to witnesses, you must meet with your investigation team.
Here, you'll all bring your Investigation Finding Reports and present your findings to each other. You'll need to compare findings and use all the information you have to determine what the real cause of the accident was.
Once you all come to an agreement about the cause, take your final findings report to your health and safety committee. Discuss the results of your investigation and what you should do to prevent this accident from happening again in future.
Once you and your committee come to an agreement, you need to take these final steps.
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Here are the final steps you must take after your accident investigation

After your discussion with your health and safety committee, put in the agreed safety precautions to prevent a repeat accident.
Complete your accident report and ensure any injured employees get a copy of this report for their COID claims.
You must also report your findings to COID so they can ensure your employee didn't cause the accident and is entitled to compensation.
Remember to keep copies of all of these documents in your health and safety file. You may need to use them in the future.
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You've finished your accident investigation... Now what?
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