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Avoid Sars Penalties

  • Help! Our provisional tax debit bounced... How can I avoid paying the penalties?
  • We received this call for help a few weeks ago, from a company (we'll call them XYZ Trading). XYZ's financial and tax year end is the last day of December each year. In December 2015, XYZ Trading's Financial Manager - Ted Jones - sat with the bookkeeper, to finalise the arrangements for the payment of the company's VAT and its provisional taxes. He wanted to make sure that everything would run... ››› more
  • [05 August 2016]
  • If you make this one tax return mistake, you could end up paying a 200% penalty
  • Mistakes on your company's tax return can be fatal. The bigger the mistake, the greater impact it has on your taxes and the more SARS will demand as punishment. And if you make this one simple mistake on your tax return, you could end up with serious penalties...   Here's what I mean by serious penalties   When I talk about serious penalties from SARS, I'm talking up to 200%... ››› more
  • [10 October 2014]

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