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  • Preparing for CCMA conciliation? Here's what to consider when it comes to costs
  • Conciliation is a process that takes place at the CCMA and at bargaining councils. It's a negotiation process where parties try to reach a settlement agreement to resolve the dispute. A CCMA commissioner (conciliator) facilitates this attempt to reach an 'out of court' settlement. One of the things you must do when preparing for CCMA conciliation is to consider how much this process will cos... ››› more
  • [23 January 2017]
  • Is there a difference between CCMA conciliation and arbitration?
  • Our labour experts get a lot of questions regarding labour issues. One question that keeps coming up is whether or not there's a difference between CCMA conciliation and arbitration. The short answer to this question is 'yes'. Keep reading as we explain how CCMA conciliation and arbitration differ so you can handle the process of dispute resolution effectively and lawfully. Yes, the... ››› more
  • [13 January 2017]
  • One vital tip when preparing for Conciliation
  • Should you ever be faced with a dispute over a dismissal, the chances are you'll have to go through Conciliation. This is a very useful process as it gives you and your employee the chance to settle a dispute out of Court. But just because it isn't the Court, doesn't mean it's unimportant! You have to prepare thoroughly for the Conciliation process. In this article, we'll reveal the mo... ››› more
  • [03 May 2016]
  • Are you ready for the EMP501 deadline?
  • By 31 May 2016, you must submit your Employer Reconciliation (EMP501) to SARS. And on 1 June 2016, SARS will be sending out penalty notices to employers who've: • Failed to submit the form • Submitted it late, or • Whose EMP501s don't balance. Although hundreds of businesses get fined each year, the truth is, it's not difficult to avoid the penalties. Here's how to do it..... ››› more
  • [04 April 2016]
  • Know these 9 steps SARS follows in a Capital Reconciliation and prepare accordingly
  • Now and again, SARS will ask you to provide a statement of your assets and liabilities in a process called Capital Reconciliation. It can be a very daunting process, and so here are the 9 steps SARS follows in the process. Take note of each step and prepare yourself accordingly... Step#1: SARS tries to gain your trust and co-operation without letting you know the purpose of certain queri... ››› more
  • [11 February 2016]
  • Capital Reconciliation: 3 points to remember when SARS queries an unexplained increase
  • From time to time SARS will ask for a statement of your assets and liabilities. This process is known as a Capital Reconciliation. In this process, SARS determines how you use funds at your disposal during a certain period by taking into account all your income (taxable and non-taxable) and your expenditure (deductible and non-deductible). SARS reconciles the numbers in the opening and closi... ››› more
  • [10 February 2016]
  • One vital step to make sure you're prepared for arbitration
  • As you know, arbitration is a full re-hearing of your entire case. This includes an investigation into the 'fairness' of your procedures that lead up to the dismissal ofone of your employees. So for something so extensive, it's important to be prepared - and this one tip can help you don't just that... The importance of researching case studies Conducting a search for similar cases to you... ››› more
  • [06 November 2015]
  • 10 Documents you need to prepare for a CCMA conciliation
  • Your employee, Tim, committed a misconduct. So you follow your internal disciplinary processes. Tim is found guilty of the misconduct and you dismiss him. A few days later you receive notification to attend a CCMA conciliation hearing. In the notification, Tim claims you dismissed him unfairly. So now that you've received the notification, you need to know which documents you need to pr... ››› more
  • [12 October 2015]
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