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Grievance Procedures

  • Can Sarah refer the matter to the CCMA if her grievance remains unresolved?
  • Your employee, Sarah, lodges a complaint in writing as per your grievance procedure. She explains to you that she's not happy because her office is in a noisy area and she can't do her work properly. You investigate the matter and you find there's nothing you can do about the noise because the company next door is doing renovations and you can't stop them. As a result, Sarah's grievance r... ››› more
  • [19 December 2016]
  • The five key differences between grievance procedures and disciplinary procedures
  • Many employers make the mistake of seeing their grievance and disciplinary procedures as the same thing, especially when it's a grievance from one of your employees that leads to disciplinary action being taken against another employee. Now, while there is a link between the two in a situation like this, they are not the same. To help you understand this more, here are the five key differenc... ››› more
  • [08 June 2016]
  • Grievance procedures vs Disciplinary procedures - what's the difference?
  • Sometimes the grievance of one employee can lead to the discipline of another. Now, while these two procedures can overlap, there are differences between them. So in the instance that a grievance is laid and you feel you need to take disciplinary action, put the grievance procedure on hold and make way for the disciplinary procedure. Here are five key differences between grievance procedures and ... ››› more
  • [20 August 2015]
  • What should you do when your grievance procedures and disciplinary procedures overlap?
  • Our labour experts always get interesting questions from employers. One question that came up this week comes from an employer who wants to know how to handle a situation where grievance procedures and disciplinary procedures overlap. Read on to find out the answer so you'll be able to maintain rules in your workplace. Here's what to do when grievance procedures and disciplinary proced... ››› more
  • [25 September 2014]
  • Confused between grievance and disciplinary procedures? Here's the difference
  • Contrary to popular belief, grievance procedures and disciplinary procedures aren't similar. It's important that you know the differences between the two so you won't deal with workplace grievances and disciplinary issues in a manner that will land you at the CCMA. Keep reading as we explain the differences between grievance and disciplinary procedures. Here's how grievance and discipl... ››› more
  • [23 September 2014]
  • Nine steps for dealing with HIV-related grievances in the workplace
  • In July 2012, the Department of Labour released the revised Code of Good Practice on Key Aspects of HIV and AIDS and Employment and the Technical Assistance Guidelines (TAG). These two legislations provide guidelines to help you manage HIV and AIDS in the workplace. Here are nine steps they suggest you follow to deal with HIV-related grievances in your workplace. It's vital you deal with HIV-re... ››› more
  • [04 September 2013]
  • Are you aware of the three basic principles around grievances in the workplace?
  • Most grievances aren't dealt with properly, mainly because managers aren't aware of the basic principles of dealing with grievances. As a result, they practice avoidance tactics. Not only is this unprofessional, but it could cause grievances to escalate when employees feel they don't have a voice. Read on to discover the three basic principles that'll allow you to do deal with grievances efficient... ››› more
  • [22 July 2013]

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