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  • Know the difference between insubordination, gross insubordination and insolence
  • There's a fine line between insubordination, gross insubordination and insolence of an employee. Do you know the difference? How would you discipline an employee in each instance? If you get it wrong you could lose at the CCMA! So let's look at these three offences... ****Recommended Product****   Know the difference between insubordination, gross insubordination and insolenc... ››› more
  • [18 October 2016]
  • What is the difference between insubordination and insolence?
  • Do you have employees who simply refuse to obey orders? As we all know, obedient employees are the cornerstone of any successful business, and insubordinate employees can be an absolute nightmare to any employer. But, when is an employee 'insubordinate' vs 'insolent'? What is insubordination? According to Labour and HR Club, insubordination is 'when an employee fails to obey a direct and... ››› more
  • [06 August 2015]
  • How to get rid of an insubordinate employee!
  • Imagine this... You tell your employee to send you daily reports. After two weeks of asking him every day, you still haven't seen one report. You confront him about it, and he swears at you in front of the employees. What can you do? In labour terms, this is insubordination. Basically, the employee refuses to carry out a lawful instruction. You can dismiss him even if it's a once-off incident.... ››› more
  • [10 October 2013]
  • Got a Kenny Kunene in your office? Here's how to tackle insubordination and win
  • Negative. Sarcastic. Undermining. We all know the type. Kenny Kunene may be making the news lately, but he's hardly the first of his kind. A charismatic employee can be a huge asset to your business. But if they turn against you, they can be a huge liability. Take these simple steps to deal with insubordination before the 'open letters' start flying... We've posted about insubordination before,... ››› more
  • [03 July 2013]
  • How to deal with insubordination and avoid being taken to the CCMA
  • As companies hit the ground running as the year starts, you could be faced with challenges such as insubordination from your new employees who don't quite understand the company culture. To avoid financial loss as an employer, you need to act to curb insubordination. Here's how to avoid many loopholes in the labour law and stay on the right side of it. Do you know that, employers lose 51% of all C... ››› more
  • [17 January 2013]

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