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Probation Period

  • How to make the probation period work for you
  • So your new employee isn't the right person for the job. What do you do now? It's simple, use his probation period to assess his performance ability and suitability for the job. Here's how you can make probation work for you and what to do if your employee's not up to standard. The Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service explains that a probation period is a length of time you use to check i... ››› more
  • [06 December 2016]
  • 3 Areas to be aware of when dismissing employees
  • With many dismissals being reported to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA), it's only understandable that you'll be very anxious when you need to dismiss an employee. After all, the last thing you want to do is unfairly dismiss her. Here are 3 areas to be careful of when dismissing employees. If you're not, you could very well end up paying for it at the CCMA. 1.¬†... ››› more
  • [18 November 2015]
  • Follow these seven steps if you're considering dismissing an employee on probation
  • A probation period is a length of time you use to see if an employee is suitable for the job. If the employee is newly-hired or an existing employee who's been promoted, you can use a probation period BEFORE confirming permanent employment in the position. But you CAN'T abuse probation period! In other words, you can't dismiss an employee after his probation period and hire a new employee on... ››› more
  • [29 September 2015]
  • Why probation periods are essential for your company!
  • You've gone through all the recruiting process and now few weeks or a couple of months later, you realise you didn't hire the right person for the job. So what's the solution now? If you have probation period implemented through policies, you're safe! You can use your probation period to assess the employee's performance ability and suitability for the job. Here's how you can find out ... ››› more
  • [12 June 2015]
  • Act early against poor performance or you could sit with a BIG problem
  • Poor performance is definitely a problem you have to fix on time. It's also something you can't tolerate excuses on if you want to ensure it doesn't last long. At the end of the day, it's you and your business that suffer if you allow this type of behaviour to continue. Since most people tend to avoid potential conflict situations, fixing poor performance can be problematic. So what can you ... ››› more
  • [29 April 2015]
  • Four methods you can use to assess Joe's performance during his probation period
  • So you've decided to put your new employee, Joe on probation to see if he can measure up to your standards. Now the big question is: Do you know how to efficiently assess your new hire's performance during his probation period? If not, here are four methods you can use... If your new hire is on probation, use these four methods to assess his performance¬† ¬† During the probation... ››› more
  • [28 October 2014]
  • Before you dismiss a poor performer during his probation period do THIS
  • Let's say, you hire a new employee. You place him on probation to establish whether he has the ability to do what you require him to. But, during his probation period, you find he's a poor performer and you think it's best to dismiss him immediately because he's costing your company a fortune. We're here to tell you not to do this just yet. Why not? Because you must take the following ... ››› more
  • [23 July 2014]
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