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  • 5 things your employee has to prove to win a case of constructive dismissal against you
  • We all like to think the working environment we create for our employees is a positive one. But in the high-stress environment that seems an inevitable part of the modern working world, some employees may find themselves in circumstances that they simply can't tolerate. And they'll resign to escape. When they do, you're at risk of claims of a constructive dismissal... If your employee's claims are... ››› more
  • [04 January 2017]
  • Has your employee resigned? Here's what you need to know about notice periods
  • So, your employee has, for whatever reason, CLEARLY stated her intention to resign and, in so doing, end the employment relationship between you. Now, unless she takes it back and you agree, there's no turning back. From this point on, the issue of the notice period comes into the frame of things. Having said that, here are four items to keep in mind when it comes to notice periods: Item#... ››› more
  • [15 October 2015]
  • Do you know these seven rules around employee resignations?
  • So, one of your employees has 'resigned'. What now? Resignation is the termination of employment by the employee. In other words, it demonstrates her intentions to leave your company. Now, when it comes to resignation, there are seven important rules for you to understand when it comes to resignation. They are: Rule#1: The notice of resignation must be unequivocal. In other words, the... ››› more
  • [30 September 2015]
  • Five things you MUST do when your employee resigns
  • Resignation is the termination of employment by the employee herself. It is unilateral in nature. In other words, it does not require your agreement whatsoever. Apart from an intention to resign, an employee must also give notice. Requirements for notice periods differ according to the time that the employee has been working for you. This can range from one to four weeks. The employee's contract w... ››› more
  • [20 August 2015]
  • "I quit!" The dos and don'ts of employee resignations
  • It's that time of month.... Employees resign and move on to what they hope are greener pastures. And that's great for them... But you need to take action to make sure their departures are as smooth as possible. This way you can avoid any disruptions to your operations and other employees. Let's have a quick look at what you must, and mustn't, do when it comes to resignations... 10 Point... ››› more
  • [03 August 2015]
  • Succession planning: Why you need one before your entire company crumbles
  • Last night, DA leader Helen Zille announced she's stepping down from the party. As the head of her party, this comes as blow to the DA's plans. Luckily, in an organisation this size, the DA's sure to have thought about what they'd do if one of their leaders resigned. What about you? Have you considered the far-reaching implications of having one of your key staff members resign? H... ››› more
  • [13 April 2015]
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