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Workplace Hygiene

  • Three reasons why it's so important to do a sanitation risk assessment
  • If your employees work in filthy conditions, they're going to pick up all kinds of diseases. They could get stomach viruses, breathing problems, intestinal infections. All of these come from the kind of bacteria that live and breed in damp, dirty, unhygienic places. When your employees get sick, it means lost productivity. You must also deal with COID if your employee is incapacitated for more ... ››› more
  • [10 March 2017]
  • Without proper sanitation, your employees' health and safety could be at serious risk
  • Have you ever walked into dirty bathroom and immediately held your breath because the smell was enough to make you gag? Or maybe you saw how dirty everything around you was and it made your skin crawl? Now, what if one of your employees told you that's what they experience every day at work. What if your employees have to use toilets swarming with bacteria? And then you wonder why your employee... ››› more
  • [18 July 2014]
  • To avoid an unsanitary situation, here's what you must do
  • When it comes to health and safety, you probably focus a lot of your time on preventing accidents and stopping injuries. But how much time do you spend about thinking about workplace hygiene? Maybe one day a week? A month? Never? This is a huge mistake because not only can unsanitary working conditions make your employees very sick, they also break health and safety rules and violate your e... ››› more
  • [18 July 2014]
  • Would the toilets in your workplace get slammed by the Cape Town Magistrate?
  • On the 16th of July, the Cape Town Magistrate charged Lili, M. Gulwa, Y. Kulanti, T. Mbanjwa, X. Ngwekazi, Y. Mlingwana and P. Nyakaza with contravening a municipal by-law regarding the proper removal of human waste. This ruling highlights how vital proper ablution facilities are. The municipalities and magistrates take these matters very seriously. But what do you think the magistrate would... ››› more
  • [18 July 2014]

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