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Workplace Incidents

  • Know this common way that incidents lead to accidents and take action!
  • Workplace incidents usually consist of no real harm or loss, but a workplace accident does! An accident in the workplace in the workplace can happen at any moment. They can create a lot of stress for you because thousands, even millions in Compensation claims may need to be paid out. Also, investigations by the Department of Labour around the accident may even lead to your company shutting ... ››› more
  • [13 February 2017]
  • Must I still report an incident concerning a casual worker? Find out here
  • We get tons of queries on: 'Does one really have to report an incident in x situation that happened to a casual worker?' And the answer to that question may not be what every employer expects. Allow me to explain... *****Advertisement***** Revealed: The secrets to compiling COID and DoL compliant incident reports No more sleepless nights worrying if your COID claims will be denied.... ››› more
  • [14 December 2016]
  • Surely I don't need to report getting caught on a nail sticking out the wall to the DoL?
  • Here's something to think about... In a busy office, there is a nail sticking out of the wall. The maintenance team was supposed to knock the nail into the surface, but didn't. Now, every employee that brushes past the nail is grazed. Since it seems so small, none of the employees that are scratched by the nail report the incident. This continues until an employee tests positive for HI... ››› more
  • [26 September 2016]
  • Use this procedural checklist if a fatal incident occurs in your workplace
  • No employer likes it when workplace incidents happen in their workplace, especially not fatal ones. They are an unfortunate reality which many employers will be faced with at some stage, especially in workplaces which have high risk environments, such as factories with large machines. Now should you be one of those employers, you'll need to follow the correct legal procedure. And to help yo... ››› more
  • [16 August 2016]
  • 4 Key stages in carrying out an incident investigation
  • Workplace incidents are a stark reality which employers and employees must face on a daily basis. And should one occur in your very own workplace, you would have to carry out an incident investigation. But how exactly does one go about conducting one? According to a paper the Department of Education and Training, of the Queensland Government, there are 4 key stages within conducting an incide... ››› more
  • [15 March 2016]
  • Consider these 9 factors in preparing an effective health and safety audit schedule
  • Health and safety audits are necessary for you to ensure your legal compliance with relevant legislation. They help you to identify any problems in your health and, in so doing, they can help you prevent any incidents from occurring in the workplace before they actually happen. Now, in implementing an effective health and safety audit, your auditor will need to first set out an audit schedul... ››› more
  • [14 February 2016]
  • Health and Safety affects overall production! So ALWAYS follow this simple tip.
  • According to Mining Weekly, 'Gold mining company AngloGold Ashanti beat cost and overall production guidance in the three months to September 30, but fatalities and safety stoppages lowered South African output.' According to AngloGold CEO, Srinivasan Venkatakrishnan, the multi-national company had a very bad quarter, in terms of safety, in South Africa - many of which were caused by ground fal... ››› more
  • [17 November 2015]
  • An employee has died at your workplace! Now what happens to his dependants?
  • A fatal incident is the death of someone as a result of an event at the workplace. The person can either die directly after the accident or later in hospital. Should an unfortunate event such as this happen in your workplace, what will happen with your deceased employee's dependants? Because it could very well be the case that he was the breadwinner for his family. Here's what you need to k... ››› more
  • [08 September 2015]
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