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Strike epidemic sweeps the country

by , 27 August 2013
Yes another strike epidemic is sweeping across the country this month. With workers in many major industries downing tools, South Africa's economy might suffer. Here's the update on the overwhelming wave of strikes on the horizon...

The South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) is worried that the strikes will paralyze the economy, reports Fin24.
"While every citizen has the constitutional right to protest, it must be done within the ambit of the law. Those that contravene the country's laws will face the full might of the law," said acting government spokesperson Phumla Williams.
Here's just the tip of the strike iceberg...
These massive companies and sectors have strikes looming over them...

- South African Airways will see a strike over wage increases.
- The motor industry is also looking for higher wages, and a strike will also go ahead there.
- The gold sector's trade union Solidarity is still in talks with the Chamber of Mines, but other unions have alredy rejected the proposed wage increases and are setting up to strike.
- Coal sector strikes are imminent as  talks have stalled with the Chamber of Mines. The CCMA is arbitrating talks but it seems like the strikes will go ahead over hotly contested wage increases.
With all these strikes on the horizon, it's a wonder that the South African economy doesn't come to a standstill. The 'striking culture' of South Africa means that every employer must know their rights and responsibilities when it comes to workers striking.

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Strike epidemic sweeps the country
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