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How to resubmit an invalid objection

by , 11 October 2013
You probably know that if you disagree with an assessment from SARS, you can lodge an objection. But, did you know that if SARS has found your objection invalid, you must resubmit it? Read on to find out how to resubmit an invalid objection.

When you've lodged an objection, SARS will compare it to its own reasoning and then decide on the facts of the case.

If SARS finds your objection invalid, you have 10 days from the day of the notice to submit an amended objection, says the Practical Tax Loose Leaf Service.

Do you know how to resubmit an invalid objection?

When you resubmit an invalid objection, you must complete the NOO1 form again and complete the Extension Request field.

Attach all documentation detailing that you're resubmitting an amended objection.

Please note that any outstanding amounts owed to SARS will continue to accrue interest. You can pay the amount under objection (to avoid any further interest) or wait until the objection is resolved.

If you wait and your objection isn't successful, you'll be held liable for the outstanding amount as well as the interest. PLUS, the interest accrued from the due date to the date that your objection is finalised or you make payment.

But, if your objection is successful you'll be entitled to a reversal of the accrued interest.

Keep in mind SARS can insist you pay the outstanding amount (and interest) before they proceed with your objection. This is commonly referred to as 'pay now, argue later'.

The Practical Tax Loose Leaf Service recommends that, if you can afford to pay the incorrect assessed tax, then do so. SARS sees it as a positive if you pay the assessment in good faith (you're being a good taxpayer, which reflects well on your objection). Once your objection is successful, SARS will issue you with a reduced assessment and refund you any excess tax you've paid.

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How to resubmit an invalid objection
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