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Secondary Tax On Companies

  • Four steps SARS auditors will use to assess your company's dividend tax compliance
  • Preparing for an audit is the best way to ensure in goes well when it does happen. I say 'when' it happens because your chances of escaping the SARS audit net are slim to nonexistent. To know what you must do and have when SARS audits you, you must know what a SARS auditor will look for. To help you in your preparations we're explaining the four steps the SARS auditor will take when he ass... ››› more
  • [07 August 2014]
  • Here's how to avoid a SARS audit of your dividends
  • If you're waiting for your dividends payout, make sure it doesn't come with a SARS audit or penalty! Here's how... The experts at the Practical Tax Loose Leaf explain everything you need to know.   First, take note that when your company pays out a dividend, it'll withhold the Dividends Tax (DT) from the payment to the shareholder. It then pays this over to SARS (in much the same way that you d... ››› more
  • [18 November 2013]
  • Don't delay in submitting your dividends tax return!
  • The deadline for submitting your dividends tax return is fast approaching -it's on 1 March! Many businesses are hoping for this week's Budget Speech to implement tax deductions to ease their financial burden. They're hoping that dividends tax will be one of the areas affected, but that's not likely as it's only just been implemented, and this any changes implemented in this year's Budget Speech wi... ››› more
  • [25 February 2013]

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