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Is an Injury on Duty (IOD) paid or unpaid leave?

by , 24 November 2016
Is an Injury on Duty (IOD) paid or unpaid leave?Do we still pay an employee for time off for an injury on duty? We all deal with injuries in the workplace at some point, so do you know the answer to this question?

One of our Health and Safety Club members asked an interesting question about injuries on duty (IOD). His question was 'Do we still pay an employee for time off for an injury on duty'? We all deal with injuries in the workplace at some point, so do you know the answer to his question?

Read on to see our expert's response…


When we asked the Commissioner what he wants in an incident report, this is what he said...

Whenever you place a claim for one of your employees with COID, the Compensation Commissioner examines your incident report in extensive detail.
And I know exactly what he looks for!
He checks that every detail of the workplace incident or occupational injury has been included along with all the details of your investigation.
Miss JUST ONE point on his checklist, and he'll delay your claim. And your employee's compensation will now be your problem!
That's why you need to make sure you conduct a thorough incident investigation the first time around.


Do we have to pay an employee for time off for an injury on duty?

Here's the situation. Imagine your employee, Tshepo, breaks his arm while working on one of your machines. Or if you're in an office, imagine Tshepo trips on a cable in your office, falls and breaks his collarbone. Naturally, you complete all the COID forms and inform the inspector at the DoL.

Now Tshepo is taking time off to go to the doctor, see the orthopaedic surgeon, weekly check-ups and the time he's taking off is just amounting to more and more.

Do you have to pay him for the time off, or is this unpaid?

As per the COID Act, you must pay Tshepo his normal salary for the time he's booked off to get medical treatment related to his injury. In other words, it's paid leave.

But fear not, the COID commissioner will refund your company all the costs regarding his salary and medical costs you carry for the treatment. Make sure you submit these details when you initially report the injury in your employers report. The commissioner will work out the claim value and your company will receive a cheque in due course.

So, the next time your employee is injured on duty, remember that he's entitled to paid leave. Follow the right health and safety procedures and you'll get your money back from COID.

Do you know what incidents your company can claim for?

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Thulisile Matilda Mabaso 2017-02-05 22:17:08

I want to report the aciddent

Wilfred Jacobs 2017-01-31 10:12:41

Im booked off on IOD in September 2016 up to the second week in October 2016 .I had been transferred to the orthopaedic surgeon on the 29/11/2016 and he booked me
off untill 01/12/2016 on this day01/12/2016after surgery i was further booked off untill 18/01/2017.on
this day i was booked on for the 19/01/2017 on 4weeks light duty of which the company called the doctor
the asking him to book me off till 15/02/2015.I HAD BEEN PAID 75% in October 2016;50%in Decembe
2016 & today 31/01/201725% of my salary.I want to know is it legal

Nomonde thembeka 2017-01-25 13:27:35

I do HV a problem I did get injury on duty on 2015-4-05 company just paid me 3 thousand after that they said their doctor said can't allow me fr check again bcs the of their company ,mr still not fit my arm in hand join not good at all now I'm struggling bcs of this arm they make as s spare now at work sometimes I works 5 days in a monthbhel0 me

Wilfred Jacobs 2016-12-20 13:02:22

I was verbally told to return to work only when Im 100% fit,after I sustained an injury to my right shoulder.Ived asked the company to put this message on black and white of which they are not willing to do

amelia ronquest 2016-12-14 17:52:51

hi i want to know can the company take your yearly sick leave for iod and what can i do for been retrench from the company

Laetita Botha 2016-12-04 09:59:27

Hi, ive been booked off, after armed robbery at my workplace, I were direct inbthe armed robbery, the guy shot at me several times, while i were running away, he ran afterwords, and kept on shooting, after a while meantime i still went to work, them after 2 months of cope at the work, i fell into PTSD, panick attacks and feat, i end up in hospital for 2 weeks, booked off for 3 monrhs untill the medicarion kicks in, while i was on iod leave they adveritised my post an oppoin someone else, i went back toe work. As the one they recruted in my place only start next year, so because of that incident i am without a job next year. After i went to my union, they called me in. employer called me im, threatening me, about my salary, and bonus, and told me i am unfit for thw job,but since i have been back at work, i dod evberything i need to do, without struggling, employer refuae to answer my union letters, still treating me like im dead, at the time of rhe shooting they put my face up every where, papers facebook exc. I dont have a written xontracr with them, but a verbal agreement, may i go to the media as well? As thay are so rude to me, please help me with an answer, i am unsure what they can come up with, and i jus helped children to get the robber away from them,, know i have beem fired

khumbulani 2016-07-29 16:43:39

Doctor can forcing to go back at work even if you are not100% fit?

martin 2016-03-02 12:20:58

Hi i had an iod at work.i had my first opperation removing a section of my minuskus.after i sent back to work in dnd 2014 thd doctor recomended light duty with restrictions.i worked 4 days on light duty and was send back in to the plant while on light duty.september i had a checkup with the dr and said my knee stil pains dont know if its the muscles or not. After he had a look at my knee he said i need a scope to see wheres the problem. After the op the dr said the miniskus torn on the other side.sfter i have seen the dr he wanted to book md back with light duty.the work said he must book me off theres no light duty.so he did. While im at the bioconegicus i hgax pain in my knee and we were all stunned. After dr indpection he send me for a ct and mri scan found that the minuskus had a severe radia tear at the back .only thing he could do is remove the miniskus in january 13/2016.the work said that they going to pay me 75% of my salary according to law. And after that i must claim that from uif.i dont understand that i was injured at work.i went through all of this and they were wrong by sending me back intyo the plant while on light duty.can they cut my salary and only pay me 75%.can i claim for my injury.

Lubabalo Moni 2015-12-06 04:27:24

I'm on IOD since May 2014,I was paid by employer,from May to August 100%, then from September till end November 2014 I was paid 75% of my monthly salary plus my bonus end of November, for December till feb 2015 I applied for leave and employer paid me leave money, this leave money was reimbursted by old mutual to employer as it was a separete insurance claim, now employer is claiming the same money from CF, now I'm still not paid for November 2015, and I don't know were to claim my bonus, whether from CF or employer, I'm still booked off, CF is paying me loss of income on. Monthly basis, as TTD's 75%, please advice

Eduard 2015-12-04 07:31:14

If an employee was booked off by a doctor and then the employer insists he comes to work. While on duty the employee injures him self. Now the employer has dismissed the employee.
The employee will be off from work for 3 - 4 months due to his injuries.
What are the employees rights regarding this matter.

Bogosing Motlopi 2015-06-04 09:21:40

Where an employee has been involved in an injury on duty, the employer
can also not deduct money from his salary except the 25% for time
off of follow up visits to the doctor, physio, etc. These hours off must
be included in the Resumption Report where the WCA will re-imburse
the employer. WCA stands for what?
2. Compensation formular for payment: Johanna earn R2300.00.
She was off duty for 02 two months.

Kind regards

Hannerie van Wyk 2015-05-12 14:01:38

I am going to have my second shoulder operation due to the wrong ergonomics for 25 yearsdoing micrscope work for 8hours a day.
Q: Must I first use my sick leave and then IOD leave. As I will be booked of for 6 weeks?
Q: I need a lot of phisiotherapy and biocenetics afterwards, can I insist of getting time off for rehabilitation, after the 6 weeks?

JAY 2014-12-31 22:33:58

I work at correctional services,. I was injured on duty cut by razor wire and had my left ring finger amputated just at the knuckle. Neurological damage, pain and depression resulted in be being placed on sick leave for 20 months by specialists who reviewed me all the time.

The employer wrote me and letter and demanded i return to work. What do I do

Vijay 2014-07-02 15:44:17

What about when the employee is booked off for less than 3 days? Compensation does not pay. Is this then special paid leave?

Taylor 2013-11-23 14:22:30

iod on the 07.11.2013 and booked off until 31.01.2014 .

On my payslip shows ; Basic salary 5hrs R4000.00
Iod R13.000
But my basic salary is R21850.00 monthly .
Is my pay right or not,payday is 25.11.2013


Ken Strang 2013-11-12 12:19:32

I have to disagree with you. Time off for an IOD is not leave in any sense of the word, not sick leave nor annual leave, it is normal time and paid.

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