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Is your workplace hindering proper nutrition?

by , 09 January 2014
Did you know that some workplaces are a hindrance to proper nutrition? If you provide staff meals continue reading to find out whether or not your workplace is also guilty of this.

Some companies are a hindrance to proper nutrition.

This happens when their canteens serve an unhealthy and unvaried selection of foods.

'Although canteens are a convenient solution, they tend to offer unhealthy snacks and have vending machines,' says the Health & Safety Advisor.

These unhealthy eating habits can lead to obesity and diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular illness and kidney problems.

This is why poor nutrition an also be a health hazard.

Can providing alternative food options to your employees solve the problem?

Not quite.

Street venders are an option for alternative meals, but they come with their own health and safety hazards.

The food is often not fresh and can be bacteria-laden and cause illness. This will have an impact on your work productivity.

Here are some examples of the types of employees who would be more likely to opt for quick and convenient alternative meal options:
  • Night shift workers. Few meal options are available afterhours.
  • Agricultural and construction workers. Unsafe conditions mean it's not always convenient or practical to prepare and consume meals.
  • Migrant workers. It's possible they may not have facilities to cook, store and prepare food.
  • Labourers and mobile, casual workers. They're often expected to provide for themselves with no access to local markets and places to cook or store food.

Here's how to ensure your workplace doesn't hinder proper nutrition if your company provides staff meals.

If you provide a canteen facility for your workers, you have the perfect opportunity to provide your workers with healthy, well balanced and nutritious meals.

In addition to this, use these easy tips to improve the general health of your employees. This'll help ensure your workplace isn't part of the problem when it comes to proper nutrition.

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Is your workplace hindering proper nutrition?
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