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Discover how to filter data in Excel to keep track of employee productivity

by , 16 October 2013
R.B. is the manager of a consulting company. He wants to issue monthly invoices to customers for services provided during the month. Currently, each consultant completes a daily Excel document with all activities performed for each client. R.B. wants an easy way to see what each consultant did for each client. Is there a way to do this with Excel?

Yes R.B. There is a way! All the Excel documents have the following fields:
•    Consultant name;
•    Service type;
•    Supply date;
•    Customer name; and
•    Service price.

Keep reading to find out how to do this…
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You'll use data filtering to select the desired information table. Unlike sorting, filtering a list doesn't reorganise the data. Filtering hides the records that don't meet your criteria.

Filtering a list with AutoFilter tool

When you create filter on a data selection, you'll see a little arrow in the top right hand side of the selection. You can select any cell in the table and use one of these three following options to filter the data:

1.    Press Ctrl + Shift + L;
2.    Click Data => Filter; or
3.    Click Home => Editing => Sort & Filter.

Use any of the three methods to filter your selected data. If you want to remove this option, you'll do the same selection as above.

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Once you've selected data filter, here's what you do…

Once you've selected data to filter, click the arrow attached to it. This will open a drop down list containing all the data in that column.

Clear the fields you don't want to display after filtering. Excel selects all by default. The drop-down list can contain up to 10 000 entries.

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Discover how to filter data in Excel to keep track of employee productivity
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