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Find out what the OHSA says about signage required for stacking and storage areas

by , 30 October 2013
Signage rules don't only apply to your company's smoking areas, they also apply when it comes to stacking and storage. Read on to find out what the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) says about signage for stacking and storage.

You must have safety signs in your stacking and storage areas.


The OHSA requires you to regulate, warn, inform and educate employees and the public about hazards and dangers in your workplace, says the Health & Safety Advisor.

Here are the signage requirements for stacking and storage areas

The OHSA requires you to:

  • Display signs where required by law or in the interests of your company, public and employees. These signs must comply with SABS standards.
  • You must duplicate notices in all the languages relevant to potential readers.
  • Demarcate and colour coded areas where legally required. These must comply with Codes of Practice.
  • Where you have a requirement specific to your company, make sure it's uniform and applied consistently throughout your company. Attach an index board which states the purpose at each entrance.
  • Make sure all employees are aware of the meaning of all signs, notices, pictograms, demarcations and colour codings.
  • Keep your signage to a minimum to avoid confusion.
  • Once you've displaced the necessary demarcation, coding and information do checks at regular intervals to ensure it's still adequate. Also update the information when changes occur to your premises, plant or processes.

The bottom line: It's your legal responsibility to identify unsafe conditions and to provide information and instruction to ensure the health and safety of your employees and non employees.

So make sure you adhere to what the OHSA says about signage for stacking and storage areas.

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Find out what the OHSA says about signage required for stacking and storage areas
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