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Three reasons to accommodate breastfeeding employees

by , 09 October 2013
You probably know that you're responsible for the health and safety of your employees. But does this responsibility extend to breastfeeding employees? Yes, it does. Here are three reasons why...

The need to accommodate breastfeeding in the workplace is an important equal opportunity and antidiscrimination consideration for you, for the following reasons:

Here's three reasons to support breastfeeding employees

Reason #1: By smoothing the transition back to work, the introduction of workplace policies and provisions to support breastfeeding may positively influence new mothers' workforce participation, says the Health & Safety Advisor.

This means you'll retain valuable employee skills and experience and you won't have to worry about recruiting new people.

Reason #2: In the absence of workplace support for breastfeeding, many new mothers may decide not to return to work following maternity leave. This may be costly for your business.

Why should you support breastfeeding employees, they'll be an earlier transition back to work following maternity leave;

Reason #3: Sometimes women take longer periods of maternity leave to breastfeed because their workplaces don't accommodate breastfeeding. Again, this may be costly for you in terms of finding and training temporary replacements.

Accommodating breastfeeding is generally a low-cost intervention, but the benefits are huge for your business. So be sure to accommodate breastfeeding employees in your company.

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Three reasons to accommodate breastfeeding employees
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