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You only have five days to submit your EE Report online...

by , 09 January 2014
If you've missed the October deadline for submitting your Employment Equity Report, don't stress, you can still submit it online. So, if you're a designated employer (I'll tell you below what this is) and haven't submitted your reports, you could face harsh penalties. You could also be excluded from scoring any points at all under the Employment Equity element on your B-BBEE scorecard!

Luckily, all's not lost... You can still submit your Employment Equity Reports online at www.labour.gov.za by 15 January 2014.

Discover how this one tool will help you meet all your EE Reporting obligations effortlessly, without the help of expensive consultants...

And in time for the deadline!
If you have more than 50 employees, then you're a designated employer and must submit an EE report!
In terms of current legislation, all designated employers are required to submit an EEA2 and EEA4 report.
According to the EE Act, organisations with more than 50 employees or a turnover equal to or greater than the amounts in the table below, are considered designated employers.
Turnover thresholds applicable to designated employers:

Sub sector Total annual turnover
Agriculture R2.0m
Mining and Quarrying R7.5m
Manufacturing R10.0m
Electricity, Gas and Water R10.0m
Construction R5.0m
Retail and Motor Trade and Repair Services R15.0m
Wholesale Trade, Commercial Agents and Allied Services R25.0m
Catering, Accommodation and Other Trade R5.0m
Transport, Storage and Communications R10.0m
Finance and Business Services R10.0m Community, Social and Personal Services R5.0m

If you are a designated employer, you must comply with the Act by:
  • Implementing affirmative action measures
  • Consulting with your employees
  • Analysing the organisation's workforce profile, policies, practices and procedures
  • Preparing and implementing an Employment Equity plan
  • Submitting employment equity reports.
If you're having trouble reporting, we have just the tool to help you...
Until next time,
Taryn Strugnell

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You only have five days to submit your EE Report online...
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