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How often should your EE committee hold meetings?

by , 06 December 2013
If you're a designated employer you must have an Employment Equity (EE) committee. That's not all. The Employment Equity Act (EEA) says your committee must hold meetings to monitor the progress of your Employment Equity (EE) Plan. Read on to find out how often your EE committee must meet...

As mentioned, the law requires your EE committee to hold meetings.

But how often should the committee hold these meetings?

Your EE committee must meet at least four times a year

'Ideally, the EE committee should meet at least four times a year to monitor progress against the EE Plan and recommend changes to the plan,' says the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.

EE Committee members must communicate your company's EE Policy and Plan to the staff they represent. You must make both the EE Plan and the latest EE report available to staff.

What must be done at EE committee meetings?

You must train your EE committee on the provisions of the EEA and the roles of the committee members.

This training must take place before the first committee meeting.

During meetings, the EE committee must:

#1: Assess and recommend affirmative action measures: The committee needs to check what the company has done to implement affirmative action.

They can recommend additional affirmative action measures for the company to consider. For example, advertise specifically for an affirmative action candidate or identify people from designated groups for special training to fast track them into more senior positions.

#2: Review the EE Report that specifies whether the numerical targets and goals as well as the affirmative action objectives were reached.

#3: Analyse the workplace demographic: The committee must review workplace demographics against the national demographic figures and recommend affirmative action goals and targets to be included in the EE Plan.

#4: Assess the policies and procedures of the company for direct or indirect discrimination: The committee must determine whether any policy or procedure prevents employment equity (this isn't required from companies that employ less than 150 employees for reporting purposes, but it's required for the EE Plan).

Make sure your EE committee meets at least four times a year to monitor progress of your company's EE plan. This'll help ensure you achieve equity in your workplace and that you're in line with the Employment Equity Act.

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