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Find out how to resolve 231 specific Vat problems in one go

by , 18 October 2013
Hands up if you've frowned in confusion when you're suddenly faced with your latest return that must account for Vat on the second-hand goods you sold last month. Can you claim Vat back for your home office? What is the right thing to do?

Let's have a closer look at the tips for these two questions, and how to get 231 of these answers in one go…

231 remedies for your Vat aches and pains
Put an end to the pain of:
    Vat registration headaches,
    Apportionment nightmares,
    Agonising invoices,
    Zero-rating stings,
    and the hurt of Vat penalties.
With the Vat health tips that experts are calling 'revolutionary'. End your suffering today, and save thousands on specialists' bills!
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Tip 1: How to account for second-hand goods:
You don't pay Vat on second-hand purchases but there are still important rules to follow to claim an input tax credit.

Tip 2: Can you claim Vat back for your home office:
If you use half your home for business purposes, you may only claim 50% of the Vat on your expenses.

Life would be so much simpler if you had a Vat specialist chained to your desk, churning out your Vat returns and keeping you on the straight and very narrow Vat path. Sounds like a pipe dream. But it could be a reality.

Let me tell you how…

The little orange book
SARS doesn't want you to know about.

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We can't give you the Vat specialist in the flesh. But we can give you a Vat specialist in spirit. He can fit into your jacket pocket so he's always near at hand. And that's the best place for any Vat specialist to be in relation to you – right in your pocket.

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Until next time,

Philip Rosenberg

Product Manager
Fleet Street Publications

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Find out how to resolve 231 specific Vat problems in one go
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