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Breaking news: The DOL has made three vital changes to the Employment Equity Act!

by , 06 February 2014
The Department of Labour (DoL) is getting tough regarding employment equity. To do this, its amended the Employment Equity Act and the President has signed them into being. Here's what it changed.

The DoL says 'the President has assented to the Employment Equity Amendment Act, 2013 (Act No. 47 of 2013).

While the Act has been published in the Government Gazette No. 37238 (Notice No. 16) of 16 January 2014, the actual date as to when the amendments will come into effect hasn't been announced.

BUT, this doesn't mean you shouldn't familiarise yourself with the changes.

So what are the new changes to the EEA?

According to Lexology, the significant amendments to the Employment Equity Act are as follows:

#1: Beneficiaries of affirmative action (designated groups) are limited to black people, women and people with disabilities who are citizens of South Africa by birth or descent.

#2: Unfair discrimination grounds now include differential treatment claims. The site says this is because of discrimination on the listed grounds, in relation to terms and conditions of employment between employees who perform the same or substantially the same work or work of equal value.

#3: The CCMA has more powers. This relates to the jurisdiction to arbitrate unfair discrimination disputes if the alleged unfair discrimination concerns sexual harassment or disputes concerning differential terms and conditions of employment.


Now back in two major cities with updated amendments to the Employment Equity Act!

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Warning: The penalties for failing to comply with the EEA have increased too

If you fail to comply with the provisions of the Employment Equity Act No 55 of 1998 and the Employment Equity Amendment Act, 2013, you could face a fine ranging from R1.5million to R2.7million.

As you can see the fines have increased substantially, so make sure you comply with the amendments. The DoL is serious about employment equity and it will punish you severely.

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Breaking news: The DOL has made three vital changes to the Employment Equity Act!
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