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Developing a method statement? Here's what to include

by , 28 November 2013
Construction Regulation 12 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) governs the safety aspect of demolishing structures such as buildings and bridges. One of the requirements under this regulation is that you develop a method statement when doing demolition work. Here's what you must include in yours...

The Health & Safety Advisor says there are specific things you must include when you develop a method statement for your company.

Do you know what these things are?

13 method statement must haves

Include the following:

  1. The sequence and method of demolition.
  2. Specification of safety responsibilities of the competent people you'll appoint for safety supervision. For example, appointing an excavator and a construction supervisor.
  3. The training you'll provide to supervisors and workers.
  4. Sheltered, dust free eating areas, ablutions and first aid facilities you'll provide to your workers.
  5. Your arrangements for the protection of workers, public and property and equipment.
  6. Details of workers' access routes, working platforms and equipment they'll use.
  7. Environmental considerations, for example, oil from construction machinery, dust pollution, and rubble polluting the soil.
  8. Details of any parts of the structure that will be 'pre-weakened' by the removal of supporting and strengthening members.
  9. Isolation of services, for example, switching off of the electrical supply, turning off of water and gas supplies.
  10. Provision of temporary services like electricity for demolition purposes.
  11. Your arrangements for disposal of rubble and waste.
  12. The control of hazardous substances.
  13. The control and use of transport on site.

Now that you know what to include when developing your method statement, make sure you comply with Construction Regulation 12 of the OHSA.


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Developing a method statement? Here's what to include
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