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Discover the secret to a successful random drug test

by , 02 October 2013
A random drug testing procedure is only legally defensible if it fully protects the rights of your employees and complies with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). You must be able to prove you've taken every reasonable step to conduct fair random drug testing. To do this, ask yourself these five questions...

You have a legal duty to look after your employees' health and safety as far as reasonably possible, says the Health&Safety Advisor.

One way to do this is to conduct random drug tests that are compliant with the OHSA.

Conducting random drug tests? Answer these five key questions first to comply with the OHSA

Question#1: Do you have a written workplace drug testing policy that specifies how random drug tests will be conducted?

Question#2: Can you prove the test method is fair and not discriminatory in any way?

Question#3: Are the tests applicable to the drug you're testing and do they comply with the OHSA?

Question#4: Have you appointed the right people or staff members to conduct the drug test? And have they been adequately trained in this regard?

Question#5: Are the correct procedures in place to deal with an employee who has committed an offence and tested positive for drug abuse?

If you can't answer all these questions, your random drug tests won't be compliant with the OHSA. So make sure cover all your bases.

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Discover the secret to a successful random drug test
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