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WARNING: Read this if you use CCTV cameras in your business

by , 16 December 2016
WARNING: Read this if you use CCTV cameras in your businessSecurity is always a concern in South Africa. Your business might be in a dangerous area. You might work with expensive materials. Or maybe CCTV cameras just lower your business insurance premiums. Whatever your situation, you must comply with this act or face the full might of the law...

CCTV cameras are everywhere. The sight of a CCTV camera can make you a bit uneasy. It might make you feel like someone is watching you… like a criminal. You might even feel a little violated by the camera's presence.

But cameras give business owners a sense of security. You know for sure that if something goes wrong, those cameras will record it. They give you the evidence to prosecute criminals.
... Right?
If you have CCTV cameras, you MUST comply with the Privacy Act. If you don't comply, the court won't accept CCTV footage as evidence!
The Privacy Act protects the rights of your staff and visitors. It says you must tell your employees and visitors that you have these cameras installed.
You have a legal obligation to protect the privacy and dignity of your staff and anyone who's on your premises, whether it be suppliers, clients or the general public. 
You also can't put security cameras in private areas like locker rooms, toilets and change cubicles.
You must put up a sign that says "These premises are protected by CCTV" or similar if you use security cameras. You'll find that the mere presence of the cameras will lower incidences of theft or misbehavior as people's 'internal watchdog' kicks in when they think you are observing them closely.

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WARNING: Read this if you use CCTV cameras in your business
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