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How to report an incident and claim compensation

by , 06 August 2013
No workplace is perfect. Incidents are bound to happen. You might, for example, employ a data-capturer who develops carpal tunnel, or a warehouse worker who slips on the floor and hurts his back. Here's what to do when an incident happens at work, and where to claim compensation...

If you run a business, you run the risk of incidents and accidents happening in the workplace.

What's the difference between an incident and an accident?

An accident is a single event that happens at a certain time and place, like a worker slipping on the floor. An incident can be an accident, or something that happens over time, such as the development of occupational diseases.

We use the word 'incident' to include the broadest range of reportable problems.

So what should you do when something that wasn't supposed to happen – happens?

The Health and Safety Advisor has this advice on reporting incidents and claiming compensation.

How to report an incident and claim compensation in 5 simple steps
  1. Fill in form W.CL.2, which you can get from any labour centre. If more than one person is injured, fill out a separate form for each injured person. The form comes in two parts, Part A and Part B. Fill in Part A yourself.
  2. Tear off Part B of the W.CL.2 form and give it to the injured worker's doctor or hospital as soon as you can.
  3. Send the W.CL.2 form along with a copy of the worker's I.D. to the Compensation Fund as soon as possible. You can send Part A first while you wait  for the doctors to fill in Part B. Once you get Part B back, send that through as well.
  4. Pay the worker for the first three months after the incident. You can either pay them their full salary, or at least 75% of it. The Compensation Fund will refund you at the applicable rates.
  5. Send follow-up forms to the Compensation Fund. This includes the First Medical Report and the Resumption Report.
By following these five steps, you'll always report incidents properly so you can receive compensation.

Do you know what happens after you submit your registration form?

Turn to chapter C01 of your Health and Safety Training Manual to get the answer. We also give you answers to questions such as:

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How to report an incident and claim compensation
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