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Performance Management

  • Four tips to make sure you get the best results from every employee performance appraisal
  • Both you and your employee usually dread performance appraisals. One study showed that 80% of employees are dissatisfied with the performance appraisal system. As an employer, you might find it an extremely stressful process. But you can't just do away with performance appraisals... Performance management is one of the largest contributors to organisational effectiveness. If you ignore it, y... ››› more
  • [15 July 2015]
  • Five reasons why prevention is the key to solving poor performance
  • Every year when winter begins, people go out in their numbers to get a flu vaccination. This prevents them from getting sick when cold weather hits. You should adopt the same tactic to manage your employee's performance. A continuous performance management system acts as a vaccine against poor performance. Read on to discover reasons why prevention is the key to solving poor performanc... ››› more
  • [02 July 2015]
  • Six steps you must follow if you think your employee is incapable of doing his job
  • Do you have an employee who just isn't performing his job properly? Sometimes encouraging him to change his behaviour to meet the needs and expectations of the job isn't enough. In this case, it's necessary to follow an incapacity process to find out if he's capable of doing the job you've assigned to him. Six steps you must follow to determine if your employee's capable of doing his job ... ››› more
  • [24 June 2015]
  • Get your poor performer back on track in five ways...
  • When Kate started working at your company a year ago, she was a star performer. But, for the last three months her performance dropped. Now you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. You don't want to dismiss her because she has potential to become a great performer. Well, you don't have to dismiss her. I'm going to show you how to get Kate's performance back up, improve your compan... ››› more
  • [15 June 2015]
  • Use these five tips to conduct better mid-year performance reviews
  • While we've talked several times about the importance of performance management, annual evaluations and the importance of the follow-up, today we're giving you some effective tips you can use when conducting mid-year performance reviews. Here are Hrsolutions.net's five tips for making mid-year performance reviews better 1. Have a plan: You have to review past performance plans to see ... ››› more
  • [02 June 2015]
  • To improve insight and choose better Key Performance Indicators, follow these five tips
  • Looking for better key performance indicators (KPIs)? Look no further. Below, we provide you with some of the most important information in this field. KPIs: The basics you need to know We all know that while KPIs can be different from one company to another, although not very different, they are still connected with some decisions and major changes. Thus, the role of key performance i... ››› more
  • [02 June 2015]
  • These five tips will help you conduct better performance reviews in 2015
  • Can you believe it's already June? And you know what that means don't you? Mid-year performance reviews are just around the corner. Now many employees fear this moment because it's not a fun experience and can sometimes leave them feeling negative and less motivated. But it doesn't have to be that way for your employees. Chad Savoy, on Cornerstoneondemand.com, provides five tips that can ... ››› more
  • [01 June 2015]
  • How to document your employee's performance review correctly
  • When it comes to documenting a performance review, there are several steps you have to follow. Doing so can truly help you make better reviews and also improve productivity and efficiency in performance reviews. Use these steps to document your employees' performance reviews Let's start at the moment where you've already analysed your employee's perfor­mance. Now. you have to record y... ››› more
  • [01 June 2015]
  • Four steps to avoid poor performance in your company...
  • No manager wants to deal with employee poor performance. The process of counseling and ensuring you follow the right steps to discipline poor performing employees is exhausting. But, there is a way to avoid poor performance in your company. Read on below for four steps you must take to avoid poor performance in your company going forward... ***Recommended product*** The first perfo... ››› more
  • [01 June 2015]
  • Innovation in performance management: Why it matters and why you should use it
  • So many companies decide not to invest in innovation and it's probably because many decision makers find this concept too vague to put in practice. And when they hear they're probably going to see significant improvement in five to ten or 20 years, they have more reasons to say 'no'. However, not investing in innovation is one of the biggest mistakes a company can make nowadays, especially if i... ››› more
  • [29 May 2015]
  • Six critical factors in performance management: Use them to avoid failure!
  • In performance management, most specialised companies will offer you qualitative expertise and let you know exactly what to do to implement a better performance management system. But no matter who the source for these recommendations is, there are six critical factors that will help any business add value to such a change. There are three factors tend that earn a performance management... ››› more
  • [29 May 2015]
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